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Welcome to Aqua Dragon central, here you can learn about these amazing creatures, buy Aqua Dragons online, consult FAQs, contact us, find a distributor, or find out how to become one. Watch our blog, follow us in Twitter as we offer special discounts for loyal Aqua Dragon fans. Love your Aqua Dragons and they will bring you happiness!

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Our Aqua Dragons ambassador in Switzerland

Amy Holden Aqua Dragons Switzerland Artemia Salina

Our most recent collaborator, Jan is a brine shrimp enthusiast who found us at Aqua Dragons online by accident, placed an order and recently got in contact.

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Aqua Dragons article in spanish in

Amy Holden 3-12 year old kids aqua dragons Artemia Salina blog infantil science toy

 Dear Aqua Dragons fans. The word is getting out about these amazing pets you can hatch just by adding water!

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My babies all grown up...

Amy Holden 1.5 month old Aqua Dragons Aqua Dragons Aqua dragons video aquarium with LED lights Arteia Salina artemia life cycle Sea Monkeys starter aquarium

Here are my 1.5 month old Aqua Dragons in the Deluxe underwater world LED base tank filmed in the dark so you can see the effect of the lights. I´d like to call them babies but they are actually almost fully grown now and although I haven’t seen any action in the tank they will soon start to reproduce!

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Hilarious Artemia Salina (Aqua Dragons) video

Amy Holden aqua dragons Aqua dragons video artemia artemia laying eggs Artemia salina video life cycle sea-monkeys

 Friends - I saw this video of some Aqua Dragons on youtube. They appear to be dancing and doing sommersaults but actually they are laying eggs,  yes!

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First Post

Amy Holden Aqua Dragons Aqua dragons video Arteia Salina Sea Monkeys toy launch Toy show

This is the official Aqua Dragon blog. We will use this are to tell you all about whats going on with Aqua Dragons, those myseterious artemia salina that hibernate and then come back to life when you ut their eggs in water!

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