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Space project

[powr-countdown-timer id=7d994e5b_1489822907] COUNTDOWN to the Aqua Dragons Mission Alpha space flight launch

On 18 March 2017 we finalized our first Kickstarter reward based crowdfunding campaign. The creators of Aqua Dragons would like to thank backers and supporters for embarking on their out-of-this-world opportunity. With your support, we will fly 2 kilos of Aqua Dragons eggs (that’s 13.8 million Aqua Dragons eggs) on an unmanned mission surpassing Earth’s stratosphere into near Space as per the countdown above! The whole space flight will be filmed with 360º video, and you will be able to follow the video of your very own Aqua Dragons via our app or online. We will recoup the eggs and produce the Aqua Dragons “Live Astro Pets” range!

How does the space flight work?

A large 4m wide meteorological balloon that has special GPS and AV technology and the payload of the Aqua Dragons eggs attached to it will be launched from an airport with Air Traffic Control permission and mission name; in this case, Aqua Dragons Mission Alpha. Weeeee! The balloon contains helium and, over the span of about 2.5 hours, it will gently float all the way up to Space, while space engineers track it from ground control.

The balloon is specially designed so that when it reaches space (commonly recognized as 30 Km from the Earth’s surface, which is three times as high up as planes fly), the helium in the balloon will expand and continue to do so until at some point between 30 and 40 km high, the balloon will burst! 

Image from real unmanned balloon space flight

The payload will then enter into a freefall, at which point the space engineers on ground will activate its parachute to gently bring it back down to Earth, where the recovery team tracking the payload will be watching and waiting to pick it up. The launch location and weather have to be carefully considered in order to predict that the payload doesn’t come down in the sea, over a city or in a place where it could cause a danger for air traffic. Once recuperated at the end of the flight, we will take the eggs back to our facility, mix them with the other ingredients that make up the eggs formula, and then pack your very own out of this world pets!  

Introducing the Aqua Dragons Live Astro Pets range!

What are we doing with the money raised in the crowd-funding campaign?

We are looking to raise $53,113 so we can cover the cost of the below concepts:  

  • Mission Alpha Space flight
  • Taxes Production
  • Molds for production
  • Crowdfunding commission
  • Deliveries


  • March - Crowdfunding campaign ended
  • April - Fly me to the Moon…, oops into space. To Infinity and beyond!
  • May - Production of the products with eggs that have travelled to space and back inside.
  • June - Shipping of the products from the factory to the destination countries
  • By July, every supporter will have their Live Astro Pets back from Space and ready to hatch!

For more info about Aqua Dragons and the space project, check in here on our website, where we will give updates or on our social media too!

Media coverage of the Kickstarter campaign includes

The campaign in kickstarter has ended now, and we are very grateful for the support received. As we surpassed the target we are now planning our space flights. You can still pre-order though! Right here on our website, just go back to the home page and select your favorite Aqua Dragons Astro Pets item. Please also stay tuned here and to our blog and social media pages where we will be posting the videos of the flights and other updates.
Sponsors and Backers who helped make the Aqua Dragons in Space project possible:
Modern Brands
Au Sycomore
Mistral Enterprise
Epsilon Development 
Ocean Nutrition
Mark Chang
Alan Dorfman
Jayson Esterow
Marianne Southard
Amy Friedland
Kelly DeVicentis
Amanda Cargulia
Shaun Grant
Alison Webb
Jessica Rainer
Blair Harvey
Andrew Mossop
Cheryl Osorio
Casey Bunn
Helen Staples
Jim Clark
Bruce maguire
Erin Byrne and George Hill
Markus Jöbstl
Dina Rapette
David Ballanyne
Erin Keuter Laughlin
Andrew Zadrejko
Nicole Sparato
Abba Games
Meenal Upadhyay
Chelsea Kapotes
Carmine Mastratone
Mark d'Eyncourt
Nick Saunders
Noemi Viedma
Scacs SA
Boris Livshutz
Bobby Chiu
Sara CP