World Alive, creators of Aqua Dragons enter into exclusive partnership with Paradigm8697 for launching into the USA

Launching the Aqua Dragons in Space range is not only creating the World's first out-of-this-world pets, but has also taken us right around the globe and attracted media and the attention of the trade on the way. Melbourne, London, Nuremberg, Hong Kong and New York are just some of the places our Space travelling hatch and grow pets have been shown this fair season which has set the stage for 2017 to be our biggest year yet. 

As a result we are very pleased to announce we have recently entered into an exclusive partnership with Paradigm8697 for the U.S.A. as described in the below press release.

Barcelona, 3 April 2017

World Alive, the creator of the recently introduced  Aqua Dragons in Space hatch-and-grow science kit line, announced today it has entered into a distribution agreement with Paradigm8697. Under the agreement, Paradigm8697 will market and distribute Aqua Dragons in Space as well as the full line of World Alive products across the U.S.A. 

Aqua Dragons in Space made its North American debut earlier this month at New York International Toy Fair and is an educational science kit that contains live aquatic pets that kids can bring to life and watch grow.

This line, as well as other products under the Astro Pets brand, has had great success internationally and according to World Alive founder Amy Holden, “this strategic partnership with Paradigm8697 will allow us to grow our business across the Atlantic.”  

“We are thrilled to be partnering with World Alive as it brings it's exciting product line to the States,” says Steve Markey, a toy industry veteran who founded Paradigm late last year together with partners Marie Carrigan and Francois Perreten. “The line was well received at New York Toy Fair and we are looking towards considerable success both in the United States as well as Canada,” he adds.

Aqua Dragons are a crustacean called Artemia that have a biological process called Diapause that allows them to hibernate, hatching once in contact with water. The product is a modern day, higher quality and more educational spin off of the iconic Sea Monkeys brand of brine shrimp kits.

Five years ago, Holden and her partners launched a successful range of hatch-and-grow Aqua Dragons kits with the goal of providing curious-minded people and animal lovers everywhere with their own unique pets. Hatching and growing Aqua Dragons helps children learn important values like caring for a living creature and being responsible as it pertains to feeding, as well as how to treat live animals with respect instead of as a science experiment.

“The Paradigm8697 team not only has a vast team of sales representatives in every U.S. state and across all of Canada, but importantly understand what makes our Live Astro Pets line so unique and different from anything currently on the market,” Holden concludes.

About World Alive

World Alive is the leading development of educational science kits containing live aquatic pets that kids can bring to life and watch grow. Founded by Amy  Holden, the company is focused on bringing enjoyment and awareness of nature and animals to nature lovers of all ages but specifically children through the design, product and sale of original gifts, life cycle kits and great educational science toys.

About Paradigm8697

Founded late last year by industry veterans Steve Markey, Marie Carrigan and Francois Perreten, Paradigm8697 has created a unique distribution model for manufacturers looking to grow their North American market share.

Their business model reduces wholesale and retail costs with no loss of margin to the manufacturer, resulting in significant volume growth.