Aqua Dragons Underwater World Hatch'n'Grow

  • €12.99
Dive into the Underwater World of Aqua Dragons - Hatch'n'Grow Set
Explore the enchanting world of Aqua Dragons with our exclusive Underwater World Hatch'n'Grow kit! Witness the magic of nurturing your very own live aquatic pets in a captivating underwater environment.

Included in the Box:
Aqua Dragons Hatch'n'Grow Tank
Aqua Dragons Eggs for hatching
Aqua Dragons Food for nurturing
Feeding Spoon and Air Bubbler for care

Embark on an Exciting Adventure:
Start your adventure by placing the Aqua Dragons eggs into bottled water. Within 48-72 hours, watch as tiny, lively white dots emerge - they've hatched! Maintain their growth by feeding them regularly every 2 days and ensuring proper oxygenation. Observe as they grow, interact, and even reproduce, showcasing their entire captivating life cycle right before your eyes!

Educational and Engaging:
Delve into the fascinating lifecycle of Aqua Dragons, fostering a sense of responsibility with these low-maintenance pets. An ideal first pet, this STEM-focused project provides valuable learning experiences suitable for both school and home settings.

The Ideal Gift:
Aqua Dragons make an exceptional gift choice! Whether for birthdays or Christmas, they're an engaging STEM gift that brings joy and learning experiences to individuals aged 6 to 99 years old.