Ja! Aqua Dragons in Scandinavia!

Update Jan 2014

Aqua Dragons sold out in Scandinavia not one, not twice but three times during the 2014 Christmas campaign. Nordic toys group (Ringo, Leki and Lege-Kaeden) doubled the expected sales of the product from 14,000 pieces to 27,000 pieces in just two months! Great news is that the partnership will continue and Nordic toys group will expand the range of Aqua Dragons products availble for 2015, with more TV advertising!

Here´s what our distributor partner said about us;

"I am pleased to inform you that, we have had a very successful year with your products (Aqua Dragons) and all the goods are sold out in all 3 countries! Plus, we do think your service and our communication are excellentl which of course is another key for good cooperation."

Thank you to the team at Nordic Toys for your support during 2014 and we look forward to a great 2015 too!

Amy Holden



Ja! Aqua Dragons are launching in the land of the vikings!

From October 2014, Aqua Dragons will be available in three Scandinavian countries; Finland, Sweden and Norway brough to the Scandinavian consumers in conjunction with our new distribution partner, Nordic Toys!

Nordic Toys is a distribution cooperation between these three scandinavian chains:

Legekaeden in Denmark, Ringo in Norway and Lekia in Sweden.

Together they represent more than 220 toyshops in Scandinavia, So Scandinavian kids will be able to find their very own Aqua Dragons kits, just around the corner.