Win the Aqua Dragons Dance Challenge #AquaDragonsDance

Hey, all you TikTok fans and dance lovers out there! Aqua Dragons has a fun and exciting challenge for you to show off your moves.

Introducing Aqua Dragons Dance Challenge! #aquadragonsdance

How to Join

Joining is super simple. Just create a video of yourself dancing to the Aqua Dragons song while doing the Aqua Dragons dance, and post it publicly on TikTok, Instagram Reels or Youtube, using the hashtag #AquaDragonsDance. The challenge is open until 6th June 2023


What's even more exciting? The top 50 entries will win a limited edition Giant Eggspress Aqua Dragons Tank, which is bigger than any tank available for sale.

Imagine having more room for your Aqua Dragons to swim and play!

Aqua Dragons EGGsplosion

A Giant version of the Eggspress Tank. 

Also included in the prize are enough eggs and food for the big tank and a spoon and pipette. 

Have a look at a previous winner here on tiktok

How to Do the Dance

What's the Aqua Dragons dance, you ask? It's an easy and fun routine that mimics the movements of the Aqua Dragons. Check out the hashtag #AquaDragonsDance on TikTok to see the dance in action!



So, get ready to show off your moves, grab your Aqua Dragons tank, turn up the Aqua Dragons song, and start dancing! Don't forget to submit your entry by the end of June. Who knows, you might just be one of the lucky winners of a limited edition Giant Eggspress Aqua Dragons Tank!


Post the dance video publicly on Tiktok, Instagram Reels or Youtube
Use the hashtag #AquaDragonsDance
Deadline: 6th June 2023
Winners Announced: 12th June 2023
Prizes Posted: 19th June 2023 in time for a fun summer project!
Challenge open to all, prizes only available to be sent within Europe. 

Remember to have fun, stay safe, and keep on dancing!