How to set up and care for your Aqua Dragons, in a new video

As the developer of the Aqua Dragons products I wish I could have a dollar for each time that people have asked me to clarify if Aqua Dragons are really alive (YES!!), which is why I can never say that I am the inventor! Because they are living beings, so nature invented them!

I am also usually asked to explain what they are (Artemia salina – a crustacea), and how their eggs survive in suspended animation (It´s their natural biological process called diapose and works very similar to hibernation).

It’s been about 13 years since I discovered this little animal and it´s fascinating underwater life and I am still not sick of explaining that. A good thing really! The truth is after all these years, I am still in awe and amazement of these tiny creatures. Just a couple of days ago I found myself staring into a tank of Aqua Dragons, smiling and appreciating how lovely it is too see them eat, swim, grow and reproduce in there. 

Well the next most popular question is “How does it work?” or how do we set up a tank and care for them? And this is also easy to answer, albeit there are a few critical points to follow to get everything perfect for your new pets.

Unfortunately a lot of people, mainly adults and very especially professionals of the toy and pet sector, never read the instructions!! Oh, yes… it´s just a fact. Perhaps adults and toy and pet professional expect to know what to do and so
don´t consult them.  

So in light of that problem we have created a very short and simple video that covers the points on how to set up and care for Aqua Dragons. We hope that this helps those who don´t read instructions to get their Aqua Dragons off to a great start and keep them thriving. Enjoy!