Troubleshooting the frequently asked questions and problems with your Aqua Dragons tank set up and care

Troubleshooting all your doubts on Aqua Dragons care

Should I change the water? Can I clean out the sediment? Oh, I threw away the instruction, what should I do now?

There are so many questions that we get on how to care for Aqua Dragons, we decided to make a troubleshooting video covering the main points. If you need some advice, check out this quick video on common problems and how to fix them.


  • Publié par Ashley Sturgeon le

    Can you help?

    My daughter on start up put tap water into tank does this mean the dragons will die?

    Is there something I can do to rectify the mistake as my daughter’s devastated?

  • Publié par adrienne le

    Do i need to chance the water or do they clean it themselves

  • Publié par Amy le

    Hi, my Aqua dragons have been turning pink! I don’t know why, a few of them are yellow and most of them are pink. Is that a bad thing?

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