The long awaited Jurassic World movie is out! And it´s causing a dinosaur sized frenzy!

Just last night we heard that after the premiere the Jurassic World movie has already broken box office records, breaking the record held by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2. Apparently having 50 shades of Grey’s Chris Pratt as the star has helped draw in the crowd.

Here at World Alive were hoping that the box office success causes an authentic stampede for Dinosaur themed merchandise and memorabilia. What more could any aged Dinosaur buff want than to hatch his own? Whilst scientists are still working on how to bring back to life the woolly mammoth using live DNA they have extracted from millennia old frozen samples found in permafrost, the next best thing you can do to see a real live dinosaur is to hatch your own Jurassic age pets, the Aqua Dragons!

Long Live Dinosaurs!