Aqua Dragons wins prestigous Tillywig Toy Awards

Those little crustaceans have done it again! Less than a year since their official launch and the Aqua Dragons have won a second prestigous award. As you may have read the first award was awarded by the British Toy and Hobby Association, after the Aqua Dragons were voted the Best New Hobby Toy of 2013 by retailers at the London toy fair 2013.

Now, Tillywig Toy Awards have awarded them the Tillywig Sterling Fun Award. Tillywig product awards are given on the basis of group play tests with consumers, the primary purpose of which is evaluating the entertainment and/or educational value of the products submitted.

So that means the Aqua Dragons are highly appreciated by both the retailers and the consumers alike! And we are so happy about it. We at World Alive are very grateful for this award which is keeping us very focused on developing more top quality additions to the line so every child can have their very own little live ecosystem in a tank, Aqua Dragons.