World-Alive S.L. (Aqua Dragons) Collaborating with the Spanish Red Cross for children in need

This winter it´s especially cold in Catalonia, which is the region where the World Alive offices are situated. This week (8 December) we also had a cold front and winds up to 130km/h!

You may have also heard on the news that Spain is suffering a long term recession / crisis and there are many families in need. This is causing thousands of children to be living in poverty and to not be able to receive adequate care like enough food, clothing nor toys to play with.

The team members at World Alive are quite aware and sensitive to the needs of children, since we are in the business of designing educational toys. So we have donated 2000 Hugo Hug soft toy scarves which have a retail value of 24,000 Euros to the local red cross who will be distributing them this Christmas as presents to children in need in the greater Barcelona region. The Hugo scarves are both something to play with as well as wearable to keep warm. 

Red Cross is a worldwide organization doing good work to help people in need. If you are able to collaborate we would urge you to contact your local Red Cross and do so. If you are in Cataluña you can collaborate with this campaign via

Thank you for supporting our business which has allowed us to collaborate with this charity.


 Updated 31-12-2014 with Red Cross´s thank you letter: