Challenge Introduction Collaboration

Collaborate with Aqua Dragons to introduce the #AquaDragonsChallenge


The #AquaDragonsChallenge is a video competition to find the best Aqua Dragons videos internationally. 

Three prizes of €1000 to be won!

Most creative video - €1000!
Funniest video - €1000!
Video with the most likes - €1000!

Collaborate with us by introducing the challenge on TikTok and/or Instagram and/or Youtube and you ALSO have the chance to win one of three prizes of €1000! 




For You

Gifted Aqua Dragons Product 

We send you Aqua Dragons product and refills. So you can make a cool video featuring your new Aqua Dragons and get creative! You can also win 1000€ in any challenge category! 


For Us

The following is the minimum requirement for the collaboration. 

1. Introduction Video 
On receipt of your product - introduce the challenge with excitement! Including the challenge details, unboxing and/or adding eggs to the water in the tank. If you have any questions please ask.

2. Follow Up Video
small dragons have hatched, excited to make your video entry, thinking up plans to make video

3. Challenge Entry
minimum 1 - also send us as a video file so we can add to channels as a post

Your videos can either be posted as Instagram Reels or TikTok or Youtube or all. We are looking for fun and exciting videos, with music and/or voiceover. Videos need to be set as able to be downloaded. All the content shared with the challenge hashtag can be shared by Aqua Dragons for marketing purposes. 



Important points are in the example script below. 

All the public information to introduce is on our official challenge page

    Full terms and conditions are here.



    • Aqua Dragons are these crazy little aquatic creatures that come to life in their tank when you add water!
    • Look! I just got mine to join the new #AquaDragonsChallenge for a chance to WIN €1000...
    • This challenge is simple! Make a cool video of your Aqua Dragons and share it - include hashtag #aquadragonschallenge and @aquadragonshq
    • Make your Aqua Dragons dance! Any music you want! It’s open to all Aqua Dragons owners, so get yours and start training them now! 
    • There are 3 prizes of €1000 to be won!
    • The funniest, most creative, and most liked videos!
    • Imagine everything you could do with €1000! [show your network your dreams in video!]
    • Watch this space for my challenge entry! Get involved! 



    Complete the form below to apply for this collaboration. We will contact successful collaborations within 10 working days.