Video and solutions to common problems below:

I've lost the instruction book, what should I do?

You can see the full instructions here. 

My Aqua Dragons haven’t hatched. 

It’s unusual to have a failed hatch, so the first thing to check is that you have done everything correctly. Check the instructions here. The most common reasons for a failed hatch are:

  • Incorrect quantity of water 
  • Insufficient oxygenation of the water 
  • Incorrect temperature of the water
  • Feeding too early

If you’re sure you followed the instructions correctly, and no Aqua Dragons have hatched after five days, please contact us

Some of my Aqua Dragons have died. 

It’s normal that not all the hatched Aqua Dragons will survive and grow to be adults. You may have many tiny Aqua Dragons larvae but end up with just a few adults. This is normal and happens in the wild too. 

My Aqua Dragons have all died. 

The natural life cycle of Aqua Dragons is quite short, just a few months, so dying may be a natural occurrence. 

If all your Aqua Dragons die at the same time shortly after hatching, it’s likely to be due to the conditions in the tank. Aqua Dragons are at their most sensitive in the first week or so of life. Go back to the instructions and check which of the five most important points could have gone wrong:

  • Overfeeding
  • Lack of oxygen
  • Incorrect temperature
  • Incorrect salinity level
  • Not enough natural light

After your investigation, if you want to try again with another sachet of Aqua Dragons, you can find a refill pack wherever you bought your Aqua Dragons, or at our online store (Europe only):  

An Aqua Dragon has died in the tank, what do I do?

It will float down to the bottom and slowly biodegrade and form part of the habitat, so it’s not necessary to remove it.

The water is very cloudy and dirty.

It’s normal for the water to be cloudy and it doesn’t do the Aqua Dragons any harm. The water is salty so it won’t go stagnant. Remember to keep oxygenating it with the pipette or bubble pump (depending on your model)

A common reason for the water to be cloudy is that it has too much food, so stop feeding for a few days to see if that helps. 

It’s not necessary to change the water. The water has a special ph and salinity level that is established by the contents of the eggs sachet. You would need to start again with a new sachet of Aqua Dragons eggs to establish the correct salinity level. 

It’s not normally necessary to clean the inside of the tank, but if you want to, you can carefully tip your Aqua Dragons (and their water) into another clean container while you rinse out their tank. Only use water and a clean cloth or brush to clean the tank, don’t use any chemicals or detergent, because that could harm your Aqua Dragons. 

I have a different problem not listed here:

You can check our FAQ or contact us with any questions or problems you’re having with your Aqua Dragons.