View a quick troubleshooting video on common questions and problems with growing Aqua Dragons:


Are they really alive?
YES YES YES, the Artemia Salinas are live living organisms and they need you to care for them. Go to the What is an Aqua Dragons section for more information.

How long will they live?
An Aqua Dragon reaches adulthood in the 4th week of life and is capable of reproducing from this stage. An average life span would be a couple of months. A well cared for tank can see multiple generations of Aqua Dragons growing but on average we hear from Aqua Dragon owners that they tend to maintain life in the tank for a few months.

Do I have to change the water?
No, the water has a special ph and salinity level that is established by the contents of the eggs sachet, so don't change the water! However the water does evaporate so you can fill up, slowly using room temperature bottled water in small quantities each time.

Do Aqua Dragons like sunlight?
Yes they love it, just make sure you don't leave them in the direct sun where the water would overheat!

Do Aqua Dragons bite?
NO, actually they don't have a mouth, they eat through their wings which work like gills.

What temperature should the water be?
The best temperature is from min 17ºC to 30ºC

What do I do if one of the dragons dies?
He will float down to the bottom and slowly biodegrade and form part of the habitat, so its not necessary to take him or her out.

The water is dirty what do I do?
Stop feeding until the Aqua Dragons have had time to process all the food in the tank. This could take a week or so for the water to come clear again but it wont go off, because its salty!

I see a dead Aqua Dragon at the base of the tank...
It could be an Aqua Dragons exoskeleton which they shed various times in their life, or it could be time for a funeral. The life cycle includes death.

Some of my Aqua Dragons seem to have a very very long tail, why?
Actually just like with fish, this is the excrement that sometimes forms a string.

Can Aqua Dragons live in my regular fish aquarium?
As they are small, regular fish will eat them, so unless you want your new pets to turn into fish food, NO!

I see two Aqua Dragons swimming together, whats happening?
They are mating, you will notice the male is below and grasps the female with some antenna like protrusions that sprout from his head. They may stay like that for a few days until they are "all through".

I've lost the instruction book, what should I do?
Email us for a digital copy or follow the instructions online.

How many Aqua Dragons should hatch?
A difficult question, it depends on the water quality, the temperature, the number of microscopic eggs that were in the packet, so could be between 10 and hundreds!


My Aqua Dragons didn’t hatch, after three days I still can’t see anything, what should I do?
It’s unusual to get a failed hatch if all the points are followed so please revise your set up:

  • Use only bottled water with no tap water, no gas nor mineralization and only 350-380ml which is the right amount of water for the formula provided.
  • Oxygenate the water with the pipette daily.
  • Make sure the temperature is constantly stable and between 20-30ºC and in a sunny place.
  • The amount of Dragons that hatch and the time needed for them to hatch will depend on many factors including how much light the tanks gets and the temperature, the sunnier and warmer the better in winter, and indirect sunlight in the high of summer, are the ideal conditions. However in all cases you will see life within 4 days. If you haven’t been able to see them (and they are tiny, so do look with a magnifier after putting the tank under a strong light). You should see small white dragons swimming against the current.
  •  If you have covered these points but still are unable to find life, then contact us with your proof of purchase for a new set of eggs.

Maintaining a live eco system in a small tank can become complicated. If the water becomes unbalanced by any bacteria or foreign substance, it can cause the Aqua Dragons to die or not to hatch so please pay attention to our care advice.


I hatched a lot of Aqua Dragons but they are ill or dying, what should I do?

Not all the Aqua Dragons that hatch will survive into adulthood, otherwise we'd be overrun! It's normal and natural for many to hatch and for only some to make it through to adulthood. But to give the best care to your new friends so they get a good chance at growing up revise these points on Aqua Dragons care;

  • Oxygenate daily with the pipette or from tipping the water into another recipient and back, the lack of oxygen in the water can be noticed when the dragons swim slowly and listlessly. After oxygenation you will notice them swimming faster and happily.
  • Do not change the water in the tank, but top it up with more bottled water if necessary.
  • Either feed more if the water is very clear or stop feeding if the water is murky. If you get many Dragons (hundreds) feed every 2-3 days, if you get fewer such as 30-50 dragons every 4-5 days is enough. Moderate the amount of food to the number of Dragons. If the water is murky then there is still food in it, if it’s very clear and the Aqua Dragons are drilling the food that has formed a sediment at the base then it’s time to top up with a small level spoonful.
  • Make sure the tank is kept in a stable temperature is between 20-30ºC day and night.
  • Make sure the tanks has some sunlight in winter or is in a luminous place with indirect sunlight in summer.
  • If despite all efforts you still have an fatal fail for the life in the tank, then you can leave the water to totally evaporate in the sun and then start again by refilling with water. Eggs being carried by females will hatch after they have dried out and then come back into contact with the water.
If you are still wanting for advice, please contact us via the contact form.