Aqua Dragons are Аква Драконов!

We have great news to share with you all! Aqua Dragons are heading to Eastern Europe!

We have new partners, who are taking charge of bringing Aqua Dragons to curious kids and animal lovers via the toy stores in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Aqua Dragons in Russian are actually Аква Драконов!


Anvol in Estonia, is our partner for the Baltic states (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia). Anvol are specialists in toys and have over 200 employees and the world's best known brands! Like Aqua Dragons!! For more info, visit their website at:

Eurasia toys will be handling the distribution into Russian toy stores. Eurasia has over 100 employees and is one of Russias best loved branded toys distributors since September 2005


Kontinent is located in Kazakhstan and is a distributor as well as an online store selling toys  of a good quality at economic prices, which suits perfectly with Aqua Dragons! For more info, visit their website at: 


We´dlike to Welcome our Eastern European partners to the Aqua Dragons team and we very much look forward to the children there being able to have the amazing experience of hatching and growing their very own live Aqua Dragons very soon.