11 interesting facts about Aqua Dragons

11 Interesting facts about Aqua Dragons!

1. Yes, they are alive, many people still think they are some kind of gimmick!

2. Choose the moment you bring them to life just by putting the eggs in the water!!

3. You get to see them from tiny larvae stage, growing up into adults.

4. When they are drilling down into the sediment at the bottom or skimming the water top, they are eating.

5. You can see them reproduce, that’s when they are swimming together! And you even see three of them swimming together sometimes!

6. Check out the ones with a dark sack on the back, that’s the eggs of a pregnant female!

7. When you see the female doing somersaults near the floor, she is laying her eggs on the bottom. And if you observe closely over time, those new eggs hatching again!

8. Care for them well and you can raise those new babies too!

9. Switch on the LED lights, you'll see them swimming towards it.

10. If you get close to the tank, you'll see some of them staring at you!

11. Once that generation has died, you can let the tank dry out by evaporation, then refill it and eggs that had previously not hatched will now hatch, restarting life in your tank!



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