My Aqua Dragons all died, RIP. But all is not lost...

Few people know that the Aqua Dragons have a second life.

Actually the biology of this animal permits the mother Aqua Dragon to reproduce in different ways. Sometimes they give birth to live Aqua Dragon babies continuing the life cycle with many generations alive and reproducing. Other times they lay eggs that will only hatch after they have been dried out and then come back  into contact with water.

But they also lay some eggs that will purposely not hatch until they have come into contact with water, and dried out more than once. The reason for this nifty trick is to survive drought periods. Sometimes during a drought there are short rainfalls that dry up before the salt lake can fill up and offer a sustainable habitat. Those non hatching eggs with their special little “life insurance policy” will hang in there until they are suspended in water a third time to make sure that they hatch when the drought is really over!

So if you have and Aqua Dragons tank that has done the full life cycle and you don´t have any pets left, don´t despair! You can let the water fully evaporate by leaving it in full sunlight until it is completely dry. Once dry, leave it for a few days, weeks or months….then you can top it up with water and watch the magic of nature when those last little babies finally decide it´s time to hatch and grow.