Celebrate World Book Day with Aqua Dragons!

Presenting the new Aqua Dragons interactive ebooks! 

We´re very excited to celebrate World Book Day 2016 by launching our interactive ebooks. You can buy them on Amazon and enjoy them everywhere.

Delve in the fascinating underwater world of the Aqua Dragons and join in on their fun adventures. Designed to captivate the attention and entertain whilst being educational.

For ages 6+.

Aqua Dragons - Sea Friends

When Bubbles gets pulled into a current his brother and sister don´t doubt in rescuing him, which results in all three getting lost at sea. The help and collaboration of their sea friends will help them on the road back home.

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sea friends

Aqua Dragons Jurassic Time Travel Adventure

Great Grandpa Roe lends Leela a special magic shell that transport her with her brother and sister into the Jurassic age. All goes well until they get distracted and an ammonite takes the shell for a new home, leaving them stranded.

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Aqua Dragons - A Fascinating Live Underwater World

Isabel gives her friend Victor an Aqua Dragons habitat and eggs for his birthday and together they discover the fascinating world and life cycle of the tiny live aquatic creatures, Aqua Dragons.

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All three books were written by Anita Loughrey, and illustrated by Raül Arrue.