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  • Aqua Dragons Space, take care of your own space pets

    One of the gifts that children most often ask for is a pet. Having a pet is a great way to teach responsibility and encourages a child’s autonomy by having to take care of a living being. On the other hand, the demands of the animal itself, the time, the care, or even the expenses derived from food and veterinarians are also important considerations. That is why many children, despite asking for a pet, never get one of their own. This is a demonstration of responsible parenting on the part of parents who sometimes opt for smaller, more manageable pets. If you are not even among those who want to have a little fish or a turtle, you can still opt for a much more reasonable option. It is a species that has been among us for millions of years, a prehistoric pet that also comes from space. We are referring to the Aqua Dragons.

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    Let’s take a look at why Aqua Dragons make great Christmas presents and why your child will absolutely love them!
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  • Top 5 Tips For Healthy Aqua Dragons

    The 5 most important tips to hatch and grow healthy Aqua Dragons. Advice from official Aqua Dragons experts. 

  • Join The Aqua Dragons Challenge!

    Welcome to the Aqua Dragons Challenge! We’re looking for the funniestmost creative and most engaging videos you can make – inspired by your Aqua Dragons. Three lucky winners will get a prize of €1000 Euros each!
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    The ultimate guide to the difference and similarities between Aqua Dragons and Sea Monkeys.