Aqua Dragons versus Sea Monkeys

Over the last few months we have seen many comments on twitter and in Facebook page about whether Aqua Dragons are Sea Monkeys rebranded. Aqua Dragons are not Sea Monkeys but sometimes people get mixed up and use Sea Monkeys as a generic name for brine shrimp, or artemia, aka Aqua Dragons, a bit like people say they are hoovering for vacuuming when Hoover is a brand and they are probably using an electrolux anyway!


So we´d like to clarify in a public post,....Whilst both Sea Monkeys and Aqua Dragons are brine shrimp growing kits they are not associated companies or products at all, in fact they are competitive brands. It´s a bit like Pepsi and Coke, both competing cola drinks and two different formulas.

Are aqua dragons and sea monkeys the same?

Aqua Dragons have a two pouch system (eggs and food), the food is our own unique formula, not used by any other parties worldwide. We developed this in conjuntion with a consulting biologist and it is very nutritionally effective, so much so that in our testing the Aqua Dragons were reproducing directly in the tank rather than laying eggs that would hatch after drying and laying dormant which is how the artemia often produce eggs. Scientific studies show that Brine Shimp or Artemia Salina only produce live offspring when they have optimum water conditions and feeding conditions, which our system provides.

In any case we express our respect and affection for all brine shrimp, aka Artemia Salina worldwide no matter what brand they come under!

What do Aqua Dragons and Sea Monkeys eat?

Brine shrimp are filter feeders and filter feeders manage to get their food from the water around them. Like some other sort of crustaceans, they prey on phytoplankton and algae in the wild. When they're babies, or even in their nauplii form, they have energy reserves stored in their egg, which supplies them with the food they require. After about 3-5 days, this energy reserve is depleted, that's when you should start feeding your Aqua Dragons. Then after that feed every 2-3 days and only feed when the water is clear.