Aqua Dragons in Space project

World Alive’s successful brand Aqua Dragons is reaching new heights as we expand the collection with the new Aqua Dragons in Space which will be launched via our first ever kickstarter campaign during Toy Fair season 2017!

Aqua Dragons will travel to space, just like our favorite astronauts and once the live aquatic creature’s eggs fly to the outermost stratospheres of the planet and return to Earth, they will be recouped and each Aqua Dragons in Space product will contain Space flown eggs and a Certificate of Authenticity confirming their flight. 

Yes! You heard right. With your support we will fly 2 kilos of Aqua Dragons eggs (that’s 13.8 million Aqua Dragons eggs) on an unmanned mission surpassing the Earth's stratosphere into near Space! The whole space flight will be filmed with 360º video, and you will be able to follow the video of your very own Aqua Dragons via our app or online. We will recoup the eggs and produce the Aqua Dragons “Live Astro Pets” range!

How does the space flight work?

A large 4m wide meteorological balloon that has special GPS and AV technology and the payload of the Aqua Dragons eggs attached to it, will be launched from an airport with Air Traffic Control permission and mission name, in this case Aqua Dragons Mission Alpha. Weeeee! The balloon contains helium, and over the span of about 2.5 hours it will gently float all the way up to Space, while space engineers track it from ground control.

The balloon is specially designed so that when it reaches space (commonly recognized as 30km from the Earth’s surface which is three times as high up as planes fly), the helium in the balloon will expand and continue to do so until at some point between 30 and 40 km high, the balloon will burst!

The payload will then enter into a freefall, at which point the space engineers on ground will activate its parachute which will gently bring it back down to Earth, where the recovery team who have been tracking it will be watching and waiting to pick it up. The launch location and weather have to be carefully considered in order to predict that the payload doesn’t come down in the sea, over a city or in a place where it could cause a danger for air traffic.

Once recuperated at the end of the flight, we will take the eggs back to our facility, mix them with the other ingredients that make up the eggs formula and then pack your very own out of this world pets!

Presenting the new items which will be available by pre-sale to people who support our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter from 13 Feb 2017:

Live Astro Pets Deluxe (6002)

Ages 6+, €24.95

Want everything needed to keep your Aqua Dragons in Space happy, healthy and clean? The new Deluxe set has it all! The Live Astro Pets Deluxe set comes with all the essentials needed to grow a new community of sea creatures that have traveled to space.  The Aqua Dragons will have a new home in their planet-shaped tank.  The new Deluxe set tank has a fun LED light-up base and glows in the dark. The set also features a strip thermometer to monitor the temperature of the water and a bubbler that helps oxygenate the tank keeping a perfect ecosystem.  The Deluxe set will provide everything needed to keep the little space travelers comfortable in their new cozy home

Live Astro Pets (6001)

Ages 6+, €14.95

After just 48 hours of the eggs entering the water, Aqua Dragons will start to grow and become every family’s new pet. The Live Astro Pets set comes with a planet-shaped tank with craters and the tank features a base that glows in the dark. Everything you need to know about the new family pet can be found in the included space manual, and extra online content in the app or website.   Once the eggs are in the tank, the aquatic creatures will hatch from their hibernated egg state to grow, swim, eat, and more.  The new Aqua Dragons set will encourage every child to learn more about caring for a living being, life cycles and space.

Live Astro Pets Refills (6003)

Ages 6+, €7.5 0

Need more food or want to add more pets to the family? Aqua Dragons in Space also comes in a refill set.  A pocket money priced kit, the refill set includes a glow in the dark spoon, space eggs, spaced food, the Authenticity Certificate and a space manual.  Wait a few days and a new family of space explorers will fill the tank!

For more information about Aqua Dragons, visit our main and information pages here at, to follow our space project and the kickstarter campaign see the Space page or contact us as via the contact page. Thanks, Amy