Top 5 Tips For Healthy Aqua Dragons

Top 5 Tips For Healthy Aqua Dragons

There’s no doubt that taking care of Aqua Dragons is an exciting experience for kids. They absolutely thrive on the responsibility of nurturing living creatures. And their patience and care are rewarded, as they learn about these fascinating little creatures and their amazing life cycle.

Still, to get the best out of the Aqua Dragon experience, there are a few golden tips you need to know. Keep the following five rules in mind and your Aqua Dragons will hatch and grow in no time!    

Use bottled water

First of all, bottled water is best. Don’t use tap water, mineral water or soda water, as your Aqua Dragons won’t be able to survive.

Don’t change the water of the tank in one go

Once they hatch, your lovely little Aqua Dragons will get used to the salt and pH balance of the water in their tank. So, any change to that water won’t be good for them. Once you’ve filled up your Aqua Dragon tank to the right level and added your dragon eggs, the water won’t need to change. You’ll just have to occasionally top up the water, as some will evaporate over time. 

Remember, only top the tank up with bottled water.

Keep water between 17ºC and 30ºC

Your Aqua Dragons love to be nice and cosy! The golden temperature zone is between 17ºC and 30ºC. And while they enjoy basking in sunlight (who doesn’t, right?), be careful the water in the tank doesn’t overheat.

Don’t forget, your Aqua Dragons come with a thermometer strip, to help you get in the right temperature zone and keep your little pets nice and warm. If you live in a hot climate and you’re hatching your Aqua Dragons during the summertime, you definitely want to keep them out of direct sunlight. If, on the other hand, you live in a colder climate, keep them in the warmest, sunniest part of your home. 

Feed them the right amount 

The day after you first see your hatchlings, which is normally the second day after setting up your tank, feed them with one level spoonful of the special formulated food, using the feeding spoon provided.

If, after a day or two, you can see 100s of little Aqua Dragon hatchlings, feed them every 2 to 3 days. If you only see a few, feed them every 3 to 4 days. If the water in the tank is murky, it means there’s still food in the tank to be eaten. So, let the little guys catch up and only feed your Aqua Dragons again once the water has become clear. 

Oxygenate them! 

Oxygenating the water – basically, adding air to it – is really important. Some Aqua Dragons models provide a pipette to easily oxygenate the water. A few squeezes twice a day should be enough. Once you’ve used the pipette, be sure to squeeze any excess water back into the tank, otherwise you might end up with a few stray Aqua Dragons in the pipette.

If your kit doesn’t come with a pipette, you can simply pour the water from the tank into another container, then back again into the tank. Again, do this twice a day. Getting a good amount of oxygen into the water is very important for your Aqua Dragons, especially during the first few days and weeks of their life cycle.


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