Aqua Dragons editorial project, and exceptional opportunity to join in the success of the brand

World Alive / Aqua Dragons are launching 3 childrens books!!

The titles are fun fiction adventures of the pacific and comical Aqua Dragons who always collaborate together to overcome any challenge life shows them. All the books come with eggs, food and accessories to hatch and grow your very own LIVE generation of these fascinating crustacea!

"Delve in the fascinating underwater world of the Aqua Dragons and join in on their fun adventures with these three fiction hard cover books, designed to captivate the attention and entertain youngsters whilst being educational."

Written and edited by Anita Loughrey, and illustrated by Raül Arrué. 

How many books have you bought that offered you the opportunity to create real life? So how is "hatching and growing your own instant pet" for added value when we are talking about the competitive world of books?

The success of the Aqua Dragons kits in the toy sector has proven that its unique and classically populular hatch and grow kit, is set to achieve great success in the editorial sector with the edition of the three toybooks.

Aqua Dragons kits;

  • have sold over 1 million units worldwide since 2013,
  • have won four major toy industry awards,
  • are the best selling science toy ever in Smyth’s UK,
  • a top seller in Australian Geographic,
  • a sellout success in Scandinavia with Nordic Toys,
  • on TV in US, Canada, Australia, NZ, UK, Ireland, Philippines, Romania and other countries,
  • are top quality educational products with great service for consumers and distribution partners alike.

We are now looking for partners to edit and publish the children´s books into various languages/territories. Don´t miss out on a great opportunity to work with a beautiful and successful brand. Aqua Dragons.

The books/kits will be on show at the Toy and Book trade fairs as listed here:

Please contact us for a presentation,