Sustainability Statement Aqua Dragons 2022

The Aqua Dragons brand is committed to improving our sustainability as part of a plan to reduce the carbon footprint of all the World Alive S.L. brands. 

In 2022 single-use plastic will be phased out of all of the Aqua Dragons brand of products.

Our packaging formats will necessarily change to make this improvement. For example; the window box items may become closed boxes, blisters refill kits will be packaged in card envelopes instead and packaging may be reduced in size to remove wasteful use of materials, maximise economy in logistics and for a reduction in carbon footprint.

During the ecological packaging roll-out period, some consumers may purchase our products online seeing the former packaging images and receive a product packaging that does not coincide 100% with the image. Rest assure the products inside are the exact same high quality products as usual, just with more sustainable packaging. For this reason we have not changed barcodes or product names.

A second production site is being created in Europe so that the goods delivered around continental Europe will also be made integrally in Europe, which will again reduce our carbon footprint.

In addition, Aqua Dragons is developing a new tank, made from BioPlastic.

BioPlastic is a new environmentally friendly kind of plastic. It is not derived from petrochemicals but is made directly from biological sourced materials like the ethanol in sugar cane, or from waste wood or food pulp and other materials which are excess materials often from the food industry. Many BioPlastics have a negative carbon footprint, which means that they remove carbon from the atmosphere. BioPlastics are just entering the phase of being able to produce clear plastic that is able to pass the international Toy Safety directives. It is also in short supply, but will become increasingly available for brands and consumers who are committed to improving their sustainability. The Aqua Dragons brand plans to transition the whole range of product into bio-plastic at the soonest availability. A launch date is not yet available for the initial bio-plastic tank, however the investment and development is well underway. 

In summary, Aqua Dragons is moving to ecological packaging, local production immediately and over time will launch new bio-plastic items to make the Aqua Dragons brand truly ecological.


Amy Holden

Founder and director World Alive S.L.

1 Jan 2022