About Us

The team behind Aqua Dragons are part of the successful World Alive brand which develops and distributes children’s products with a focus on education and wellbeing. 

World Alive founder Amy Holden launched Aqua Dragons in 2012 and since then many thousands of children all around the world have enjoyed hatching and growing their own live pets while learning about their life cycle. 

When Amy first discovered the amazing Artemia Salina creatures, and their incredible eggs that can be preserved for decades before hatching successfully, she knew they would be the perfect way to let children learn first hand about life cycles and experience taking responsibility for a pet. 

As well selling them throughout Europe from her online store based in Spain, Amy took Aqua Dragons to trade fairs around the world. People were impressed and World Alive now supplies Aqua Dragons to distributors around the world including in the United States and Australia.  

In 2013 the Aqua Dragons won three major industry awards:

In 2014 Aqua Dragons won the Tillywig Brain Child award 

World Alive has developed the brand over time, with several iterations, including Aqua Dragons Jurassic Time Travel Eggspidition edition. Aqua Dragons made the news in 2017 when they were launched into space - literally - to create the Aqua Dragons Astro Pets edition. 

Since its launch in 2012, more than 3.5 million units of Aqua Dragons have been sold world wide. The popularity of the product is showing no signs of dimming as a new generation of kids discovers the fun of Aqua Dragons via influential social media stars like Luisito Comunica 

In 2020 Aqua Dragons launches the #AquaDragonsChallenge to spread the word about this fantastic educational and fun product even further.