Aqua Dragons Club

  • Jurassic Tiktok Challenge: Aqua Dragons Eggspress

    The #aquadragonseggspress Jurassic Challenge is going to be rrrroar-some! 

    Make Tiktok videos! Show us how you hatch and grow your jurassic Aqua Dragons. Unboxing of the Jurassic Aqua Dragons, assembly and updates. 

    50 chances to win! Cash and limited edition prizes!

  • Aqua Dragons Colour Changing Aquarium

    The Aqua Dragons Colour Changing Aquarium has a special colour changing ice mountain that lets you know when the water temperature is just right. The built-in magnifier gives you a closer look and the deluxe tank has LED illumination to bring your Aqua Dragons to life at night.

  • Aqua Dragons Space, take care of your own space pets

    One of the gifts that children most often ask for is a pet. Having a pet is a great way to teach responsibility and encourages a child’s autonomy by having to take care of a living being. If you are not even among those who want to have a little fish or a turtle, you can still opt for a much more reasonable option. It is a species that has been among us for millions of years, a prehistoric pet that also comes from space. We are referring to the Aqua Dragons.

  • Getting Aqua Dragons as a Christmas Gift

    Let’s take a look at why Aqua Dragons make great Christmas presents and why your child will absolutely love them!
  • STEM Gift Guide

    STEM toys are focused on educating kids, in a fun and playful way. Read our explanation and find out our top 5 STEM gift ideas for Christmas 2021. 
  • Top 5 Tips For Healthy Aqua Dragons

    The 5 most important tips to hatch and grow healthy Aqua Dragons. Advice from official Aqua Dragons experts.