Aqua Dragons Underwater World Eggspress

  • €12.99

Get your very own Aqua Dragons Underwater World EGGspress tank and raise yourself a generation of tiny pets. They're alive! This aquarium comes with all its components in a beautiful pack, ideal for a gift. 🎁 

Aqua Dragons are LIVING aquatic creatures that you can hatch and bring to life in the EGGspress tank.

Aqua Dragons have three eyes and a long tail, they are tiny, funny and funny creatures that belong to the crustacean family. Their eggs can be preserved in salt for long periods of time and hatch again just by putting them in water.

While you take care of your Aqua Dragons you will be able to watch them eat, play and grow, and you will learn to differentiate between males and females and even how they reproduce!

This product includes everything you need to get started (except mineral water, which you will add at home):

✔️ An Underwater World EGGspress aquarium

✔️ An envelope with Eggs 🥚🥚🥚 from Aqua Dragons that also contains what the salt needed so that the eggs can hatch

✔️ Food for Aqua Dragons

✔️ Spoon 🥄 food dispenser

Attention: place your Aqua Dragons tank in a place with natural light – not direct. They love natural light! Most importantly use mineral water, tap water has toxins that may harm your pets. If you have any problem raising or growing your pets, our specialists will help you at 

Measures: 10cm x 10cm x 14cm

Instructions in English, Spanish French and German.

Complies with toy safety regulations; EN71, ASTM, CPSIA,  COC & Gulf.