RED Aqua Dragons - Volcano Tank with Flickering Lava LED Light up Base

  • €24.99
Discover Red Aqua Dragons in the Volcano Tank
Hatch and grow your very own live aquatic pets in our new captivating Aqua Dragons Volcano Tank - now with special Red Lava Food. This new Red Lava Food turns the Aqua Dragons red! Dive into the wonders of STEM learning with this educational toy that doubles as an aquarium set.

What's Included:
Aqua Dragons Volcano Tank with Flickering Lava LED Light-up Base
Aqua Dragons Eggs
Aqua Dragons Red Lava Food
Feeding Spoon and Air Bubbler
Certificate of Adoption

Experience the Adventure:
Embark on an exciting journey! Witness tiny Aqua Dragons hatch from eggs within 48-72 hours when placed in bottled water. Nurture them with the vibrant Red Lava Food every 2 days, ensuring they thrive and grow. Observe their playful antics, feeding habits, and even their fascinating reproduction - the entire life cycle in one mesmerising tank!

Educational and Fun:
Explore the lifecycle of Aqua Dragons, instilling a sense of responsibility in an easy-to-care-for pet environment. Ideal as a first pet, this STEM project provides valuable learning experiences both at school and home.

The Perfect Gift:
Aqua Dragons make an exceptional gift! Whether for a birthday or Christmas, it's an exciting STEM gift that delights anyone from 6 to 99 years old. Watch as the wonder of Aqua Dragons keeps giving joy and learning experiences.