Book: Sea Friends with Special Edition Aqua Dragons kit

  • €16.99

World’s first book that allows you to bring the characters to life, literally! Hatch, grow and read about your very own live Aqua Dragons adventures…

For ages 6+.

Aqua Dragons - Sea Friends A4 full colour illustrated fiction book

When Bubbles gets pulled into a current his brother and sister don´t doubt in rescuing him, which results in all three getting lost at sea. The help and collaboration of their sea friends will help them on the road back home.

Written by Anita Loughrey, and illustrated by Raül Arrue.

This book comes complete with an Aqua Dragons kit that contains the Aqua Dragons eggs, their food, a feeding spoon, a magnifier to see them when they are tiny hatchlings and instructions on how to set up and care for your new pets. You will use a recycled glass jar from around your house as a tank to hatch and grow them!

Complies with all the relevant EC and US toy safety regulations.