Aqua Dragons Club

  • Aqua Dragons Colour Changing Aquarium

    The Aqua Dragons Colour Changing Aquarium has a special colour changing ice mountain that lets you know when the water temperature is just right. The built-in magnifier gives you a closer look and the deluxe tank has LED illumination to bring your Aqua Dragons to life at night.

  • Aqua Dragons Space, take care of your own space pets

    One of the gifts that children most often ask for is a pet. Having a pet is a great way to teach responsibility and encourages a child’s autonomy by having to take care of a living being. If you are not even among those who want to have a little fish or a turtle, you can still opt for a much more reasonable option. It is a species that has been among us for millions of years, a prehistoric pet that also comes from space. We are referring to the Aqua Dragons.

  • Getting Aqua Dragons as a Christmas Gift

    Let’s take a look at why Aqua Dragons make great Christmas presents and why your child will absolutely love them!
  • STEM Gift Guide

    STEM toys are focused on educating kids, in a fun and playful way. Read our explanation and find out our top 5 STEM gift ideas for Christmas 2021. 
  • Top 5 Tips For Healthy Aqua Dragons

    The 5 most important tips to hatch and grow healthy Aqua Dragons. Advice from official Aqua Dragons experts. 

  • Join The Aqua Dragons Challenge!

    Welcome to the Aqua Dragons Challenge! We’re looking for the funniestmost creative and most engaging videos you can make – inspired by your Aqua Dragons. Three lucky winners will get a prize of €1000 Euros each!