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Sea Monkeys

  •  So here is another sneak preview into the underwater world of the Aqua Dragons....A 3D animation in HD which will hit screens firstly  in the form of publicity but we have big plans for our digital friends, an iphone app, short videos, a documentary about the life of Aqua  Dragons and so much more. 
  • AS SEEN ON TV!!!

     If you have been reading our posts you may have noticed that we are producing a tv ad for our new experimental scientific toy the Aqua  Dragons!

  •  This post is to give a great big thank you to 
    Victor Martinez Cortes, who is our face of Aqua Dragons 2012. Victor is only 9 years old but he´s  already an experienced actor with more than 12 short films and several other modeling contracts and ads filmed.
  •  Today is a big day. A Spanish national newspaper called El Periodico has published an article in the economy section about World  Alive (the company that owns Aqua Dragons), it talks about how the company was founded and has grown to where it is today.
  • My babies all grown up...

    Here are my 1.5 month old Aqua Dragons in the Deluxe underwater world LED base tank filmed in the dark so you can see the effect of the lights. I´d like to call them babies but they are actually almost fully grown now and although I haven’t seen any action in the tank they will soon start to reproduce!
  •  Friends - I saw this video of some Aqua Dragons on youtube. They appear to be dancing and doing sommersaults but actually they are laying eggs,  yes!